Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Day of School

Reagan started preschool this fall. She loves it. She told me for about 9 months that she was never going to school. Now she wishes she could go every day.

The first day at school when I dropped her off, we walked in the room and she said "you can go now, Mom". All the other parents were still there and she kicked me out! So I left (I took a couple pictures from the hall). I took Gabby to the car and she would not get in the van. She threw a fit for about 5 minutes. Asked her if she wanted to go to Target or the Mall. She just wanted to go back and get Reagan. Finally got her in the van and went home. We got in the house and she found her pillow, blanket and Violet (a stuffed purple octopus) and layed down in the middle of the kitchen floor with her blanket pulled over her. Asked her is she wanted to read books, play dolls, play play doh or a number of things. She said no to whatever I suggested. So I said I would like to go check e-mail. She said "you go check e-mail, Mom". So I went upstairs. About ten minutes later she hollers, "I'm all better, Mom." I laughed so hard. It was pretty cute.

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