Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bill's vineyard and Girls doing their thing

Over the past few years, Bill has made several batches of homemade raspberry wine and some hard apple cider. Some good, some not so good. This spring he got the bug to try plain wine. So what do you need for wine? Grapes. Bill planted 13 grape vines this spring (the grower sent an extra one) on the hill in our back yard. One night a deer came along and pulled one out of the ground, probably thinking that he found a tasty treat. Bill replanted it. Then to prevent the deer from getting the rest of them, he put 3 foot cages, fence posts (you know the green metal ones used on farms) and wire around them to keep the deer out. He did lose the one that the deer pulled out. Our lawn has never looked so great in that corner of the backyard (it's the only part that gets watered daily--maybe its time for in-ground sprinklers). So how many grapes do you need to make a bottle of wine?

May need to click on the pictures below to see the details.

This is the vineyard

There are grapes already on

Salsa/Taco Salad Garden

Much more work without the snow

Yep, I think we need to change the oil in this baby

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reagan's Last Day of School

Last Friday was Reagan's last day of preschool. She was pretty sad that it was over. She has made many friends and really likes her teachers. On her last day Gabby and I stayed for about an hour until teacher's aide got back from her daughter's program. The kids got to play extra long while they took turns finishing up their Father's Day cards, had ice cream sundaes for snack, played chalks and bubbles outside and then had a little "graduation" ceremony.

One last hug in the hall before class. Oh the walls are bare!

Playing the moon game...for the last time!

"I got my certificate and chocolate bar!!" (Which one is she really smiling about?)

Reagan with Mrs. Pam and Mrs. Roventine

Watching both girls on the playing on the playground after class this spring has been fun. Reagan can almost cross the monkey bars herself, can keep herself swinging, climbs the rock walls and "can be a sloth" (hang on a bar and flip over). Gabby keeps up with the school kids and doing just about everything that they are doing. Her limits are the length of her legs (can't get her leg over the top of the climbing wall) and boys...anything with boys around, she shies away.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gabby's First Day of Preschool

May Day was a pretty big deal in our house yesterday. One of Reagan's teachers was on her way to the Kentucky Derby so her teacher asked if I could sub and Gabby could be a preschooler for the day.

Reagan was estatic to be able to have both her mom and her sister in class. She got up and got dressed right away and was all smiles when she came downstairs. Gabby on the other hand had to be woken up. She was happy to go but she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I thought we were in for an interesting day and was beginning to wonder how much I was going to be able to help.

After showing Gabby that she could carry her own back pack, and it was pink to boot, she started squealing with excitement and the morning went so much smoother. She could hardly wait to get to school. Gabby's excitement turned to overwhelmed when all the kids came in and she didn't quite know what to do. She quickly settled in and Reagan showed her the ropes and took care of her little sister.

It was pretty evident how much she felt like a preschooler when it was time for a bathroom break and washing hands before snack. She waited her turn in line and was one of the last ones to go in. When I tried to follow her in to help as she normally needs, she quickly kicked me out, told me she didn't need any help and did EVERYTHING herself just like all the other kids. And the she went and joined the rest of the students.

Another example was the teacher explained the project the kids were to work on. And when Reagan and Gabby got to their table to work on the project, Gabby just started in on the project without any help. She had listened to the directions and understood what she was supposed to do.

I had a great time helping out and seeing Reagan at school with her friends. We are really blessed to have two wonderful girls. Monday may be a tough morning for Gabby as I don't know if she understands or not that she will not be staying when we drop Reagan off at school. They may have another preschooler for the last 9 days of school!