Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What a great day!!! The day was packed with fun and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Reagan's day started with a party and parade at school. They played games and then walked around to a couple of classes for the parade, the parents tagged along.

Later, we carved our pumpkins. Gabby wanted a "mad" pumpkin and Reagan wanted a "smiley face" pumpkin. After we carved the pumpkins, we spent a couple of hours outside enjoying the wonderful fall day.

The girls' friends, Lauren and Todd came over for some trick or treating. I don't think we planned it, but all the kids were water related, 2 oceans, a mermaid and Nemo. After we came back to the house, Gabby checked out her treats and then wanted to pass out candy. So Gabby and I sat outside and she passed out candy while Bill and Reagan ventured out to other areas of the neighborhood for more trick or treating. We had candy for about 450 trick-or-treater and ran out at 8:00...and they were still going strong. We hope you all had as great a day as we did! Happy Halloween!

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