Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter and Quilts

Since I am catching up a little on the blog, I thought I would add that if you live in a different part of the country, you are missing out! We have had lots of snow. The girls have been sledding, shoveling and making snow angels a few times. Unfortunately, the cold temps/wind chills have been preventing getting out more. I have some pics on the camera that I need to download and will post some of the fun.

About a week ago I got back two quilts from being long arm quilted. I am currently putting on the binding so they can be used to keep us warm (actually they will keep Gabby warm at night). Will post pics when I am done.

Other things we are doing while it is cold...Kids are playing in the basement (roller skating, scootering, dolls) or pesting one another. After a really rocky start, Gabby is potty trained. Bill has started our taxes...ugh! We've been making cookies. We are looking into what school Reagan will attend next year. And we will be celebrating Gabby's birthday on Tuesday. Can't believe that she will be 3.

Hope your winter is going well and you are staying warm!

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