Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reagan's Last Day of School

Last Friday was Reagan's last day of preschool. She was pretty sad that it was over. She has made many friends and really likes her teachers. On her last day Gabby and I stayed for about an hour until teacher's aide got back from her daughter's program. The kids got to play extra long while they took turns finishing up their Father's Day cards, had ice cream sundaes for snack, played chalks and bubbles outside and then had a little "graduation" ceremony.

One last hug in the hall before class. Oh the walls are bare!

Playing the moon game...for the last time!

"I got my certificate and chocolate bar!!" (Which one is she really smiling about?)

Reagan with Mrs. Pam and Mrs. Roventine

Watching both girls on the playing on the playground after class this spring has been fun. Reagan can almost cross the monkey bars herself, can keep herself swinging, climbs the rock walls and "can be a sloth" (hang on a bar and flip over). Gabby keeps up with the school kids and doing just about everything that they are doing. Her limits are the length of her legs (can't get her leg over the top of the climbing wall) and boys...anything with boys around, she shies away.

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